"Stone of Destiny" 

Sapphire salon
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**Enter as Strangers-Leave as Friends**

"Remarkable" is quite a word when you think about it. In today's world you want to stand out. You have to, or you will just be another face in the crowd. That's boring , don't you think?

When you make your way into Sapphire, you are going to feel as though you have always been there. Our professional stylist will recreate you, into "Remarkable"!  

At Sapphire, our professional stylists only use professional hair care products
. Rest assure, you
and your hair will receive the utmost care with top
notch products.

           Enter Sapphire and enjoy a cup of coffee or a
         snack while you relax, anticipating your chance to 
         become "Remarkable!"

Sapphire, a rare and precious stone, described in
ancient   mythology as the "Stone of Destiny".

From it's raw form to a 12 Rays Golden Star Sapphire,
its beauty is quite "Remarkable".


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